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About Development Unit

The Development Team within RDI implements a wide range of projects in partnership with academic institutes, professional organisations, local and central government, representative organisations, industry and commercial bodies. Critical areas of focus for the Development Team include Social Enterprise, Sustainable Energy and Rural Development. The work carried out within the Development Unit is extensive and diverse including the facilitation of research and non-research development, participation in EU funded projects, consultancy activities in public and private sectors, and working closely with academic staff and experts across the fields of expertise within the Institute.

The Development Unit team have the capacity to assist with a range of aspects within projects including, but not exclusively, Innovation, Systems and Solutions Analysis and Review, Capacity Building, Knowledge Transfer and Dissemination. It can utilise its extensive expertise in relation to education, training and technology transfer, and is qualified to develop, deliver and evaluate a wide range of training programmes for any project or client. The Development Unit has worked with a network of partners across the EU and has experience in H2020, Interreg, Erasmus, COSME and other funding programmes both as coordinators and as partners/co-beneficiaries. Our dynamic team has extensive experience in proposal development and work in an agile environment to respond to specific partnership needs and requirements.

The Unit is dedicated to implementing LITs vision of supporting individuals, companies and industries in the Mid-West to achieve social, economic and environmental changes through applying its expertise in a collaborative manner. Our team are particularly focused on working with people to solve real problems and challenges.  ​​​​​​


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